Land, ho!

What you will find
in my hand,
a billowing steeve
of surprises;
castles made of sand;
principles based on surmises.
Another look
to gaze
a deeper meaning
to the meaning
of the things I do,
not for the glory,
but for the feeling
That in the end
it will all add up
to something beautiful
for all the world to see;
proof to the generations
that what we can dream
we can be.


The pang in my chest
The ringing in my ears
The message loud and clear:
You don’t understand me.
The daggers in your eyes
The distance in your voice
I haven’t got a choice:
Find another place to be.

A place in my mind
Too discrete for anyone to find,
The secrets that I keep
Of myself buried deep.

Your resistance is my defeat;
I stand alone against your army.
Round in circles, I retreat
Hell below is at my feet
A trace of heaven I could see,
Now just your face staring
Blankly at me.

Starry Eyed

Wake up-
the dawn, it greets you;
says hello before bidding farewell.
The Universe has told me
everything will be alright
in a dream
right before it whispered goodnight.
Somewhere over the rainbow,
far away, yet in a place close to heart-
there are rainy days
and storm clouds that change the blue
to gray.
In a tear
the light reflects
shadows of your face.
Whether near
whether far,
thoughts wander to where you are.
Continents collide;
points meet across the sky.
Here we are, you and I–
star-crossed loved one,
destined to say goodbye.