heartbreak no.

and that’s when I knew
it was a mistake to love you;
everything I would give
always less than I’d take away
because you have a heart
that only breaks on demand –
that’s how you control
the ones who control you;
it’s how they fall for what you
say and not what you do.


light of grace

her name,
what she exudes;
delivered me
and opened up
a realm
of opportunity;
flesh of my womb,
i bled for her
and would bleed
to take away
the pain
of her
not knowing
how she saves
and brings to life
the light
that is inside of me,
now a light for all
the world to see;
it is hers i carry
with me.

on paradox

The paradox of freedom
is that it gives you borders
even as it offers you wings.

The paradox of voice
is in the way it knows how to speak,
yet cannot fathom to sing.

The paradox of love
is how it can grow
to feel oh, so much like hate.

The paradox of desire
rests in its ability
to seal our de trop fate.

you give alibis, all i hear are lies

You may have made me, but you will not break me.  I won’t let you tie my hands to the post.  Because I’ve made up my own mind about you.  Your lies won’t become my truth.  Today, I start my own life.  I make my own decisions.  I declare myself out loud so that I can stand there and be proud of the soul still left in me.  Your mind doesn’t know how to be free and so it clings to all of the insecurity you keep buried deep.  But your fear gives you away.  This time you won’t be able to sway others into believing what allows your ego to stay safe.  This time… I’m looking you in the eyes and calling you by name.