Brain Boner

If brain hard-ons were a thing, I’d have one for this guy (watch the video to find out why):

I discovered Mark Grist several years ago and it seems that since then he’s made quite a name for himself.  That’s because when he’s not encouraging other guys to look past a woman’s tits and ass as a basis for attraction, he’s making a difference in the world by inspiring kids and adults alike to think.  Grist describes himself as an artist and educator.  From English teacher to Rap Battler (which you should totally check out), he now performs his poetry for a wide variety of audiences and conducts writing workshops across the UK.  Personally, I find what he does to be creatively inspiring and profoundly moving.  Here’s another one of his more recent videos:

Again, when a guy publicly challenges traditional standards of beauty… when he incorporates the importance of inclusion in his art and in his teaching… it not only makes me go weak at the knees… it fires up all kinds of protons and electrons that make my brain go BING!