made up

i had a dream
that you were just a dream
that then became
my waking nightmare.
you have always
been missing from my bed,
nothing to show
for anything you said
and so
i must have made us up.


me being you

I wonder what it’s like
to be you;
never have I wanted to
be somebody more
I want to explore you
take you in and
breathe you
control you
the way I control myself
but sometimes
when I’m around you
I simply lose it all.

Dear Silencers –

I know you’d prefer that we not make a sound.  But we’re coming to your town, we’re gonna burn your house down. You know, the one where you keep the blood stained sheets; with ghosts in the closet ready to greet your next victim; walls crusted with your dried cum.  But we know, when you pleade innocence,  you’re just playing dumb.  Lying is your only defense.  Maybe the reason it took us so long is this: there is strength in numbers and unfortunately, there are a lot of us you’ve hurt.  But no matter: enough is enough.  Your time is up, and our time has finally arrived, thanks to all of your dirty crimes.

Taking back the power you stole,

Women Everywhere 


flashing lights

he handed me a warning,
offered some advice:
be safe, stay aware
of my surroundings
and what i’m doing.
what am i doing?
and am i really going


who loves honey more: the bee or the bear?

you take me to all the places
you take her
and i wonder,
do you say the same things?
do you call her sweetheart?
is she your honey too
and how can you be true
when you swear yourself
to another?


heartbreak no.

and that’s when I knew
it was a mistake to love you;
everything I would give
always less than I’d take away
because you have a heart
that only breaks on demand –
that’s how you control
the ones who control you;
it’s how they fall for what you
say and not what you do.


light of grace

her name,
what she exudes;
delivered me
and opened up
a realm
of opportunity;
flesh of my womb,
i bled for her
and would bleed
to take away
the pain
of her
not knowing
how she saves
and brings to life
the light
that is inside of me,
now a light for all
the world to see;
it is hers i carry
with me.