amy ann

Bio: Hello, my name is Amy. I still feel fairly new to blogging, but certainly not to writing. However, writing is something that has always been very personal, so sharing my mental musings with an audience has been unnerving albeit reinforcing. Through blogging I have discovered how encouraging it is to get positive feedback on my own inner dialogue that I've put out there for you, the reader, to make sense of. Much of what I write about is a reflection on my experiences growing up and learning how to navigate my way through life and love. Being a parent is also a huge inspiration for me. I haven't always gotten it right, that's for sure. But writing about what I've been able to take away from all of it has helped me in so many ways. So... thank you for taking the time to read and relate. Feel free to leave comments. Words make the world go round and they can also grind it to a halt. The art is in piecing together words in just the right way so that we may come to understand and be understood. Happy reading and writing to you all.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. I am very pleased with your writing. It speaks rather than just talks, you have a beautiful way of dancing around the page with your posts and I inspire to be as good as you are someday. Very well done, I am more than intrigued and taught by your messages, thank you very much for sharing such positivity. If you get a chance, I would very much appreciate taking the time to glance at my blog at greengrassoptimism.wordpress.com – thank you and I wish the best – Green Grass Optimism

    1. You just made my day, Green Grass Optimism (oh, the masks we wear… but I trust there’s a real person behind the epithet)! I will definitely be sure to check out your blog. Thank you for taking the time to visit mine! <3amy

      1. I am very appreciative of your time donation. My real name is Kristopher Grimsley and yes-the masks indeed are cumbersome. It means a lot to me that you reached out in return to me. I aim to improve and continue my blogging journey in alignment with increasing my skills in writing as well.

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