I have been in the belly of the beast,
I have braved the greatest of storms;
both spat me out, sodden and worn.
I suppose my flesh wasn’t quite the feast
they were looking for–
Too tough, perhaps, not enough chew
in their bite;
it comes from being hung over the fire
and left there to die.

Many a time I have sat and I’ve waited;
night after night
I have cried and I’ve cried.
Overwhelmed by fright but certainly,
not overcome.

For here I stand before
my darkest hour,
face to face
with the death it assures me of.
Ready for another fight
because it’s my only option
as long as life
still promises the light
of day.

black sun

Open sores against my flesh
Brought by the loneliness
of your caress.
Cannot feed you
to bleed you
Of everything you are;
Cannot hold you
to mold you
Into my darkest star.
So I’ll scold you
to unfold you
From my loving arms.