I assume too much. It’s a shield I wear to keep out all that can hurt me. Because when I bleed, I bleed for all; it’s not just my pain, but other’s suffering as well that I feel.

I bear too much. What a plight for one person to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. What a burden to know the sins of the pure; the shame in waking up to one’s consciousness.

Some choose to sleep. I wake to forget.

The delusions and solecism of yesterday are no match for what love has in store for this moment. And guilt is just a useless tool to keep us confined to the hasty habits of our blindness.

soldier of light

He tells me he can’t go through that kind of loss again;
chalks it up to bad luck,
repentance for his sins.  
He casts a shadow with all the light he holds within;
except I see it in his eyes,
seeping through his skin.
I hear the sound it makes;
I feel the warm it brings.
He becomes the stars,
the moon,
the universe
and all that is holy to me.


I talked to the devil today;
he tried to lure me in
by inviting me to conversate.
I could see on his face
when I resisted my reply
He knew that I could see
right through his disguise.
Carry on did I
whilst retaining a watchful eye.
Carry on did he
as he slithered away from me.