live beautifully

in the face of loss, we don’t ponder those shoes we want to buy, the hair we wish we had, the skin we feel must be painted on in order to conceal the deepest, darkest part of ourselves which clings to the possibility that someone may not desire us, that our flaws by nature would scare people away.  no, those thoughts vanish the very instant we lose someone we love and cherish it shakes us to our core.   when someone near and dear to us leaves this world, we wonder at the place our beloved has left us for; we think about the traces of their lives they’ve left behind and how we are forever changed by them.

hey pretty girl, doesn’t it make you think?  that image you try so hard to maintain; those smiles you fake so well; the eyes you bat at the camera begging for it to lure admirers your way?  …you can’t take those with you.  even in this lifetime, looks sometimes quickly change and fade.  those hours you stand in front of a mirror or a lens …you can’t get those back.  so what then really is the function of your vanity?  to deny death is to deny the very life you’re not living.  the insecurities in you awaken insecurities in others, which invites not beauty but pain into the world.

live your life beautifully.  a face can be buried and forgotten, but never love.  never love.


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