Labors of Love

An idea that represents
a labor of love is
one which you cannot relinquish.
You must feed it with experience.
It grows from careful thought and discipline;
consideration always given
to that which will allow
the idea to flourish and thrive
among chaos and strife.
All the dirt and grime
of tarnished souls
kept at bay
lest evil spirits get in the way
of one’s glimpse of the divine.

3 thoughts on “Labors of Love

      1. Thank you for your words of appreciation. I know love especially from my darling wife, my kids and also my radio fans. Since I started blogging I have been enjoying love from fellow bloggers. My need to love and be loved is fully met. If you can find some minutes I encourage you to take a look at what my wife wrote to me on this blog titled ‘A surprise Letter from my best friend”. I would love to know what you think about it.

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