Oh peacock,
you twirl your feathers so.
You prance
and you dance;
you seem to think
you know what you know.
But were you able to see
all you pretend to see,
you might be more inclined
to be as I looking on.
Not just a pretty bird,
a spectator of the show.
You’d see your promenade
as a mere disguise from
all that you hide inside.

Waning Gibbous

It is my thoughts propelling me forward,
it is my thoughts that brought me here;
pushing through time
and while against it,
trying to be always in its favor.
The dawn of a new day
marks the end of another;
light reflects from a rock
while the sun is upon us-
A constant reminder of all that was
and all that will never be.



May your gracious light shine upon me;

feel my body to be sure I am real.

There is security in what I see;

there is something to be made whole.

For a mere parcel am I made

of many parts

of a world,

a universe,

an infinity of surprises

unfolding before me,

leaving me to wonder

how or why

I became. 


Darkness surrounds

But then

through a break

there is light.

I appear,

vulnerable and naked,

clinging to your warmth 

as I surrender old dreams,

those that brought me here before. 

I am one of you now,

my mind as limited as yours.

My memory serving me well enough for this life,

but not well enough to grasp

the timelessness of our existence.