From Shit… Roses

In any relationship, if there is internal work to be done due to a lifetime of sweeping things under the rug, once the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship is over and shit gets real, shit is going to hit the fan. And unless you’re prepared to get knee deep in some shit, that relationship will not survive or thrive. What happens if you decide to avoid what may seem superfluous to your ability to maintain a healthy relationship by choosing not to deal with your shit and instead head straight into another relationship? Shit. That’s what happens. So put on your rubber boots ‘cuz it’s about get messy! Whether you’re over here with this person or over there with that person, shit is still shit. It has a way of getting stuck to the bottom of your shoe and as you sniff the air you may wonder, “Where is that smell coming from? Surely it’s not me.” But it is you. And it’s not going anywhere until you deal with your shit. You will continue to choose (unconsciously) and welcome into your life people who have the potential to bring out the worst in you. It is as if we know that struggling through shit is the only way we can grow. And with this bit of information, as long as your partner has an equal ability to bring out the best in you, you can transform the manure of your lives into the fertilizer from which we obtain divine nourishment and soul quenching love.

(Side bar, this was written and published after watching an ad for Poo-Pourri. That shit is amazing!! Partly because it’s preventative; one sprays it before they poo. I think there’s a lesson to take away from that, too.) 🙂

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