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Why do people blog? What is with this “blogging” subculture and who the hell came up with such a silly word?? Answer: Some dude named Peter took the term “weblog” (which was coined by some other dude in 1997) and he shortened it to “blog” in 1999 in his attempt to be clever. Very clever, indeed. Blogging has since become a very widely used form of social networking and information gathering.
Blogging is something I’m new to and frankly I’d kinda like to know how many times I can get away with saying “blog” in this blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. A LOT. Why? Because blogging provides us with the opportunity to say whatever the hell we want to say. And be heard. Well… in theory. Unless no one ever reads your blog. And that may very well be true in my case (which I actually find quite comforting). Nevertheless. You can blog about whatever you want in your blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. And in the end… you feel better. You’ve imparted the world with something, some little piece of you to leave behind. Left behind, but not forgotten.
Blogging provides us with the chance to feel connected because there is a sharing of information that reminds us we are not alone, no matter the content. Playful puppies, Elephants vs. Donkeys, video games, the mass media, food, books, love… We all seek the same thing. We all seek a connection between ourselves in relation to this world and the people in it.
I began blogging out of protest. Because I’m tired of feeling like I’m incapable of changing; changing in ways that promote inner growth and support others in their growth, as well. I’m tired of feeling like it would just be best to keep things to myself as if my thoughts are stupid and unimportant. Maybe they are. But so what. I love to write. I started doing it in grade school and a lot more in high school. I need to write. It cleanses my mind and my spirit.
Words are incredibly powerful. In fact, all it takes is one word to change the fate of our entire lives. Words are redeeming. The times I’ve felt the most connected, the most gratified have been the result of meaning attached to words strung together creating a statement that resonated and reverberated so loudly in my head it was as if that sound is all that ever was and all that will be.
Indeed, words have the power to heal. And to hurt. I began blogging to own up to the mistakes I’ve made so that I can learn from them rather than repeat them.
Sticks and stones alone aren’t likely to break bones.
Words can be your worst enemy or your best ally.
I need more allies.

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