A Fine Mess Maker

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am a fine mess maker.  And I’ve been making messes my whole life.  Perhaps you are also one to get your hands dirty from time to time.  Then this blog is for you.  I will never claim to know more than I know.  I’m not sure I could ever claim to really know what I think I know for I am constantly learning as I go.  And I think that is the point.  New knowledge replaces old knowledge.  New ideals replace old ideals.  And new patterns can overcome old patterns.  But it takes practice.  Lots of practice.  And a huge amount of commitment, honesty and vulnerability.  So, one of the first steps I am taking in abolishing old practices and developing new ones is sharing with my (imagined) audience all of the fine messes I find myself in…make no mistake, the messes I create…so that I am forced to reflect on where I am and how I got here.

Where am I and How did I get here?  Such a fun mystery, I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of grappling for the answers.  I hope it will be enjoyable (or at least somewhat intriguing) for you (the putative you) as I try to figure this whole thing out.

This is my tribute to all of the messes we make and all the maintenance that those messes require…

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