I Stand With Her

To all the women out there who
aren’t willing to
Take a stand for me
the same way I’m willing to
Take a stand for them;
To my mother —

I will gladly do so.
And I will believe Her
When She speaks Her Truth.

life drawing

I would go,
take off
all my clothes
just so
they could turn me into
works of art.
Each representation
the obvious portrayed
on some,
subtleties in others.
Yet somehow
I was reflected
in each and
every one,
as was the creator.
Imagination at its

Dear Silencers –

I know you’d prefer that we not make a sound.  But we’re coming to your town, we’re gonna burn your house down. You know, the one where you keep the blood stained sheets; with ghosts in the closet ready to greet your next victim; walls crusted with your dried cum.  But we know, when you pleade innocence,  you’re just playing dumb.  Lying is your only defense.  Maybe the reason it took us so long is this: there is strength in numbers and unfortunately, there are a lot of us you’ve hurt.  But no matter: enough is enough.  Your time is up, and our time has finally arrived, thanks to all of your dirty crimes.

Taking back the power you stole,

Women Everywhere